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Sackville River Watershed Study

Recipient: Sackville Rivers Association
Approved Amount: $9,000
Year Approved: 2009

The watershed study project will be one of the main research resources on the state of the Sackville River Watershed for the SRWP plan. This will provide the backbone for the SRWP to create planning and policy on Atlantic Salmon conservation for the watershed, which includes: physical restoration, education, stocking, community involvement and lobbying government. To assess, list and prioritize opportunities for physical habitat restoration projects within the watershed, using the information from the watershed study report (among others, these restoration projects may involve digger log and rock sill installation, gradient controls, bank stabilization, spawning bed installation, culvert removal, wetland creation, and fish passage improvements). This assessment and prioritization was completed by SRA staff during the months of September and October 2009.