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Romaine River salmon restoration program 2021

Recipient: Société saumon de la rivière Romaine
Approved Amount: $25,461
Year Approved: 2021

The mission of the SSRR, which was created in 2011, after the construction of Hydro-Québec dams on Romaine River, is to restore salmon population in Romaine River and its main tributary the Puyjalon (map1). The targeted action is the annual release of fry. Since 2015, approximately 658,500 fry were released in these two rivers. Genetic monitoring upon the return of the adults will facilitate the collection of scientific information on salmon life cycle.

Finally, the SSRR administers the Histoire de saumon program (of the FQSA) in the schools of Romaine River watershed.

We plan to release approximately 200,000 fry each year between 2021 and 2023 and to continue thereafter depending on the remaining budgets.

Contact:  Etienne St-Michel,