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River restoration 2022

Recipient: Sackville Rivers Association
Approved Amount: $21,628
Year Approved: 2022

The project will provide fish habitat restoration, through the installation of habitat restoration structures (hand-installed diggerlogs/rock sills) on two watercourses in the Sackville River Watershed – Peverills Brook and Little Sandy Lake Brook. Peverills Brook is the largest feeder brook to the main Sackville River and this project will be a completion of our restoration plan for this watercourse –a plan 10 years in the making on Peverills Brook. Peverills Brook flows through a large regional park at Sandy and Jack Lakes in Bedford that SRA has been working with all levels of government for years to expand, with this restoration project being a highlight of this effort. Little Sandy Lake Brook is a feeder brook to Thompson Run, an ASCF-funded restoration project from 2010 and 2015. This project will continue restoration on this brook system in the growing subdivisions of Glen Arbour/White Hills in Hammonds Plains.


Damon Conrad

902 865 9238