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River restoration 2020

Recipient: Sackville Rivers Association
Approved Amount: $18,000
Year Approved: 2020

The project will provide fish habitat restoration, through the installation of habitat restoration structures on two watercourses in the Sackville River Watershed – Jackladder Brook and the Little Sackville River. Electrofishing will also take place to track progress of our past and current projects.

Jackladder Brook is a feeder brook to Stoney Brook and in turn to the Little Sackville River with the Little Sackville River being our most important brook in the watershed for salmon habitat. It contains the highest population of salmon due to the unique water quality in the watershed; most of the watershed trends acidic, and the Little Sackville River is trending less acidic than everywhere else, resulting in pH conditions near optimal for salmon.

Contact: Damon Conrad, 902 865 9238,