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River Restoration 2015

Recipient: Sackville Rivers Association
Approved Amount: $5,000
Year Approved: 2015

This project will take place in a suburban watercourse, Thompson Run, in the community of Upper Hammonds Plains, NS. This project will involve the installation of habitat restoration structures at approximately 25 sites in Thompson Run, along with debris clearing and channel work for fish passage, as well as pool improvement and flow control.

This project will also involve the surveying of culverts (approximately 50 in total) in the Sackville River watershed for the purpose of identifying fish passage issues. Used will be methods outlined through crew training in the NSLC Adopt-a-Stream Aquatic Connectivity Program. Amongst these culverts being surveyed, a number involved are the same culverts where fish passage is potentially an issue on Thompson Run.

Contact: Damon Conrad, 902-865-9238,