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Riparian Restoration on the Magaguadavic River

Recipient: Eastern Charlotte Waterways Inc.
Approved Amount: $5,000
Year Approved: 2014

Eastern Charlotte Waterways will address degraded riparian zones in the lower reaches of the Magaguadavic River, between Second Falls and the Town of St. George. This project will improve the ecological function of the Magaguadavic River, while increasing the community’s freshwater stewardship capacity through an in-class education program.  During the spring, ECW staff will provide Environmental Science students in Charlotte County’s three mainland high schools with a four day curriculum featuring modules on lotic ecology, threats to freshwater ecosystems, and stream enhancement techniques. Following the education program, each class will join ECW staff in the field for a day of tree planting in degraded riparian zones.

Contact: Donald Killorn, 506-456-6001,