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Restoring iBoF Atlantic salmon to the Petitcodiac River through Live Gene Bank contributions and Fundy

Recipient: Fort Folly First Nation
Approved Amount: $30,500
Year Approved: 2017

The project will be largely carried out on and for the benefit of two historically important salmon tributaries of the Petitcodiac River: Pollett and Little Rivers. However, some components of the project will be carried out at the Fundy Salmon Recovery (FSR) site situated at Dark Harbour, Grand Manan. Finally, other components of our project will require co-ordination with DFO staff and some work being carried out at the Mactaquac Biodiversity Facility (MBF) which houses the Live Gene Bank (LGB) for remnant inner Bay of Funday (iBoF) Atlantic salmon.


The project is multi-faceted and includes inputs of juvenile iBoF salmon (LGB) to upper Pollett, collections and transport of wild smolt to FSR,  releases of FSR marine-reared (smolt to mature) adults to Pollett River, and releases of MBF LGB non-targeted iBoF adult salmon to Little River.

The project will assess the status of iBoF salmon currently residing in these two Petitcodiac tributaries, as well as continue to evaluate and measure the success of various stocking strategies and provide insight into the likely outcomes of ongoing recovery efforts through pit-tag and radio tag monitoring, electrofishing surveys, snorkel surveys, fall parr collections and Redd surveys.

Contact: Tim Robinson or Wendy Epworth, 506-379-3400, or