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Restoring endangered inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon to the Petitcodiac River 2016

Recipient: Fort Folly First Nation
Approved Amount: $30,000
Year Approved: 2016

The focus of this project will be the continuation of monitoring and restoration approaches already underway, which endeavor to re-establish endangered inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon, to the Petitcodiac River. Fort Folly First Nation / FFHR will remain ready to lead in the implementation of salmon recovery strategies alongside other interested Petitcodiac Fish Recovery Coalition partners as well as any other stakeholder groups wishing to play a role. FFHR will continue as a partner in the Conservation Sea Cage project, collecting juvenile salmon smolt to input into the process and receive adults back to the Petitcodiac in the fall of 2016.  FFHR will continue monitoring the various life stages of salmon currently residing in the Petitcodiac as well as continue to assess the effectiveness of the various restocking approaches at play. Finally, FFHR will undertake a public outreach approach targeting the Greater Moncton population.

Contact: Tim Robinson or Wendy Epworth, 506-379-3400, or