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Restoring Critically Important Atlantic Salmon Habitat – Government Pool, SW Miramichi River

Recipient: Miramichi Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $18,000
Year Approved: 2019

An on-site survey was conducted in September 2018 to determine a preliminary design for restoring the deteriorating habitat at Government Pool as well as facilitate the natural stabilization of an eroding downstream riverbank. That design suggests: i) installing three 20m deflectors along the island in the main south channel. These deflectors will increase the south channel’s flow and flow energy towards the center of the channel which will assist the river in removing some of the gravel bar located in the south channel pool; and ii) installing four grade control structures; two in the north channel to reduce the flow energy that is contributing to the downstream bank erosion; and two on the south side/head of the island to act as sediment collectors to help rebuild the elevation there to prevent a possible 3rd channel from forming in this location.

Contact: Mark Hambrook, 506-622-4000,