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Restoring Connectivity for Atlantic Salmon in the LaHave River Watershed

Recipient: Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation
Approved Amount: $12,300
Year Approved: 2023

The project will focus on further development of various databases and maps relating to aquatic connectivity within the LaHave River Watershed. Under the project, Coastal Action will also focus on 1) identifying new areas which are providing suitable salmon habitat; 2) reviewing and updating previously collected aquatic connectivity data within the LaHave stream crossing database, as well as updating and revamping the aquatic connectivity section of previously developed Sub-watershed restoration plans; 3) conducting electrofishing surveys at both newly identified barriers and at sites where fish passage improvement structures have been installed; 4) restoring in-stream habitat in identified salmon nursery areas; and 5) coordinating public education in the form of workshops and presentations.

Project Contact:

Sam Reeves


Brooke Nodding