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Restoring connectivity between Saint Jean River and an abandoned meander

Recipient: Corporation de gestion de la rivière Saint-Jean-du-Saguenay
Approved Amount: $30,000
Year Approved: 2019

In the last decades, the downstream section Saint-Jean River underwent major activities for the protection of banks and channels. Banks are often composed of massive rockfill with no vegetation. Generally, steep slopes of the watershed and the channel of the watercourse are the cause of relatively rapid hydrological patterns. The objective of this project is to improve water conditions for salmon in a meander of approximately 1,400 m in length which was abandoned after major infill and bank protection work were completed. On the left bank, which was infilled and raised, all water circulation was stopped between the watercourse and the meander. The CGRSJS will install a pipe to let the river water in, thus reinstating its initial ecological functions.

Approved amount: $30,000

Contact: Vanessa Gagné, 418-272-2199,