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Restoring access to habitat and removal of sediment in the Upsalquitch River

Recipient: Restigouche River Watershed Management Council
Approved Amount: $4,000
Year Approved: 2009

In 2008, various projects were carried out to collect the information required for the preparation of a management plan for this subbasin.  The priorities were identified and their feasibility was assessed.

The objective of the current project is to carry out work in connection with these high-priority, high-feasibility constraints, including habitat fragmentation caused by beaver dams and problematic culverts, sedimentation and water quality associated with heavy metals generated by forest roads and the two mines located upstream from the river.

The project is also aimes at developing cooperation between our organization and the resources of the Eel River Bar First Nation in the area of the development of expertise relating to Atlantic salmon habitat.

On the basis on the preliminary information obtained through the preparation of the management plan, the development of actions priorities relating to the Upsalquitch River subbasin is proposed.

Beaver dams. Preparation of an action plan and feasibility analysis for breaching holes in beaver dams during fall migration (location of priority sites, mapping and access, development of the methodology and process, including available equipment and resources and action plan, verification of necessary permits.) Site visits to targetted dams and characterization of the dams.

Habitat fragmentation – culverts: Characterization of sites causing habitat fragmentation by assessing the costs of upgrading, necessary permits; resources persons and equipment and supply requirements.

Sedimentation: Monitoring and assistance for repaires by industry of two sites of sediment discharge to Popelogan Brook.  Location and feasibility analysis of culvert sites causing fish habitat fragmentation.