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Restoration of Upsalquitch River Forks

Recipient: Conseil de gestion du bassin versant de la rivière Restigouche
Approved Amount: $17,223
Year Approved: 2016

The present condition and modification of run-off waters at this spot result from the deterioration of a rampart built in 1981. That deterioration has opened a new channel which has severely eroded the banks for a few years and deteriorated the habitat by generating an important quantity of soil and sediments. This important influx of fine particulates plugged salmon substratum and modified the depth of functional habitats. For this project, work will be done to reduce bank erosion, direct run-off waters to recreate a channel and to redirect the current in order to decrease the erosive strength on the banks which creates an important influx of sediments.

Contact: David LeBlanc, 506-759-7300,