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Restoration of cold, freshwater habitat for Atlantic salmon on the West and Clyde Rivers, PEI 2021

Recipient: Central Queens Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation
Approved Amount: $19,500
Year Approved: 2021

This project will improve and maintain Atlantic salmon habitat along various reaches of river by utilizing a variety of restoration tactics. One of the end goals is to improve spawning habitat to increase embryo survival, which will translate into increased juvenile recruitment. Structures will be installed in an effort to improve the hydraulic conditions (flow velocity), in combination with the placement of ideal spawning substrate to attract the female salmon to deposit her eggs in a area suitable for increased survival. CQWF will continue to maintain sections of stream to continue the long-term restoration process as well building on 2020’s project of intensively improving juvenile habitat via increasing the coarseness of the stream bottom.  Restoration efforts will be focused on sections of the Clyde River. CQWF will finish developing the Atlantic Salmon Habitat Management Plan and will continue to monitor juvenile densities and spawning activity.

 Contact:  Contact: Jordan Condon,