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Restoration of Atlantic salmon habitat in the Stewiacke watershed

Recipient: The Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq - Mi'kmaw Conservation Group
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2022

Build-up of large woody debris (LWD) structures in streams can become barriers to fish migration by restricting access to upstream habitat, food sources, spawning areas, and also create significant water quality issues. These structures can adversely impact the hydrology of the stream and cause flooding, habitat loss, and erosion. By removing excess LWD, access to upstream habitats and areas of ideal water quality will be restored.

The MCG will use their existing dataset of habitat information to identify areas where LWD has created barriers to fish migration. At these identified sites, native seedlings will be planted alongside debris removals in areas deemed to have insufficient riparian zones or actively eroding banks. Water quality loggers will be placed at sites planned to have debris removals pre- and post- removal to collect data on the changes in water quality. Community members and youth will be engaged in stream stewardship through a community stream clean up, and activities that raise awareness about migration barriers and habitat degradation.


Angeline Gillis
902 895 6385