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Restoration of Atlantic salmon habitat in Jacquet river and sub-watersheds (Phase 2)

Recipient: Bassins versants de la baie des Chaleurs
Approved Amount: $20,000
Year Approved: 2016

This project will improve Atlantic salmon habitat in Jacquet River watershed. A management plan developed in 2014 shows variations in salmon population. In 2016, the Chaleur Bay watersheds Group began restoration work, including redevelopment of sites classified as priority potential obstructions for fish migration, restoration in 5 tributaries of Jacquet River, visual inventory of a 10 km section of the river from Kettle Bridge upstream, artificial debris in the buffer zone, installation of thermographs, water physical and chemical data to ensure adequate water quality for fish habitat, electric fishing to determine fish population density, school presentations, information booths and exposure and improvement of the Web site.

Contact: Gilberte Boudreau, 506-542-2430,