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Restoration and Enhancement of Atlantic Salmon Habitat on the West and Clyde Rivers, PEI

Recipient: Central Queens Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation
Approved Amount: $26,842
Year Approved: 2017

This project will continue utilizing the types of intensive restoration techniques that have been employed successfully by CQWF on the West River. New restoration will be primarily focused on a section of Howell’s Brook which has received no prior work. Howell’s Brook continues to be used by salmon for spawning, and with additional restoration could provide excellent juvenile habitat. Work is needed on previously restored tributaries (Quinn’s Brook) and one of the most critical areas on the West River for salmon, The Riverdale Horseshoe, requires work to maintain this important spawning area. Early winter snow and ice storms have caused many problematic blow-downs and obstructions. A variety of techniques will be used to ensure that habitat requirements of all Atlantic salmon life stages are being met where possible. Additionally, an overall update to fish habitat management plan incorporating the Clyde River sub-watershed in the document will be completed.

Contact: Clay MacLean,