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Restoration of cold, freshwater habitat for Atlantic salmon on the West and Clyde Rivers, PEI

Recipient: Central Queens Branch of the Prince Edward Island Wildlife Federation
Approved Amount: $21,750 for 2018 (1st year of 2-year project, total: $55,755)
Year Approved: 2018

$21,750 for 2018 (1st year of 2-year project, total: $55,755)
Summary: Our project efforts will carry on in such fashion as recent years, intensive in-stream restoration techniques in areas identified as potential Atlantic salmon habitat. Major efforts will be focused on the first 1.2 km section of Howell’s Brook where the majority of salmon redds are found. Including, resolving a problematic braid in stream channel and a lack of adequate holding pools (goal: 1 every 200m). Also, on Howell’s above Quinn road, restoration efforts have not been carried out, but will begin in 2018. A 4.9 km section of main river, between the Greenbay and Brookvale, has received no in-stream restoration activity prior to 2017 but has great potential habitat for +1yr age class of salmon. Due to the excessive sediment load and no sediment trap downstream, we plan on proceeding in phases (clearing 200-300m sections at a time). Spawning restoration sites will be expanded into the Riverdale Boy Scout Camp area and lower section of Greenbay.
Contact: Jordan Condon, 902-388-8899,