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Restoration and monitoring of Atlantic salmon spawning habitat on the West River, PEI. 2022

Recipient: Central Queens Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation
Approved Amount: $18,225
Year Approved: 2022

The main goal of this project is based on enhancing and expanding spawning habitat for Atlantic salmon on the West River, PEI. CQWF wishes to continue to expand spawning habitat by installing structures (n=12) in areas that have marginal spawning habitat quality in order to increase embryo survival and juvenile recruitment. CQWF wishes to install structures at a variety of depths to accompany a range of water levels for future spawning seasons. CQWF will record site characteristics (flow velocities, water depth, structure design) to determine factors that the salmon favor most so future restoration efforts (on the West River and other watersheds) can be repeated. CQWF will monitor juvenile populations at established index sites and also conduct a redd survey to determine spawning efforts of adult fish (and usage of installed structures) all of which will have the results provided in separate reports with the final report and which also will be incorporated into CQWF’s salmon strategy. CQWF will continue to maintain and enhance sections of the stream to continue the long-term salmon habitat restoration process. Lastly, two sediment traps (Ross Rd and Clyde River by-pass pond) will be re-excavated.


Jordan Condon

902 394 0749