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Restoration and Enhancement of Atlantic Salmon Habitat and Spawning Grounds in the St. Peter’s Bay Area Watersheds

Recipient: Morell River Management Cooperative
Approved Amount: $7,528
Year Approved: 2019

This project will apply restoration and enhancement methods in the river systems monitored by the MRMC. These river systems are included in Guignon’s a Conservation Strategy for Atlantic Salmon in Prince Edward Island. This document will be used to guide our watershed management techniques for effective outcomes. The proposed project will enhance and restore spawning grounds, provide barrier free access to historic spawning sites, and improve habitat quality for wild Atlantic salmon, expectantly improving their population within our river systems. These goals will be achieved by removing barriers, including beaver dams and blockages that are restricting access to higher reaches of stream. Habitat and spawning grounds will be enhanced by collecting excess sediments, providing fish cover, uncovering preferred spawning substrate and by monitoring the condition of the rivers including temperature.

Contact: Hannah Murnaghan, 902-583-3144, or