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Ecological restoration of degraded aquatic habitats in Godin Brook and McKnight Brook.

Recipient: Save our Rivers Neguac
Approved Amount: $8,452
Year Approved: 2017

Our goal is to proceed with ecological restoration in McKnight and Godin Brooks in the village of Neguac. The ASCF application will cover part of a global restoration project supported by other funders. These will cover work activities which will consist in clearing wastes and excessive organic debris while completing a selective cutting of alders overgrowth blocking fish passage, decreasing the water current and accumulating sediments. In addition, we intend to install ecological structures such as deflectors, bank stabilizers and digger logs to control sedimentation, remove sediments in watercourses, mitigate erosion, restore Atlantic salmon habitats. This project will focus on repairing and constructing digger logs.
Contact: Philippe Rousselle, 506-397-4630,