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Research on offspring quality of virgin/repeat spawning grilse salmon and the success of Jordan/Scotty incubators undertaken in conjunction with salmon reintroduction to Rennie’s River

Recipient: Memorial University (Purchase)
Approved Amount: $15,000
Year Approved: 2015

A science technician will be hired for fall 2015 at Memorial University to assist with a research project on offspring performance of virgin/repeat spawners from the largest Newfoundland salmon population (Exploits River). I supervise the research of a PhD student who is working with SAEN and obtains samples for this important question from the egg stocking work into Rennie’s River. The technician will be of vital help in late October and November during spawning season, but will also setup incubation sites in early fall in order to determine how placement effects siltation of Jordan/Scotty incubators in steambeds lacking gravel. This will inform on how useful this technology will be for other Newfoundland stocking efforts.

Contact: Dr. Craig Purchase, 709-864-4452,