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Reproductive breaching of beaver dams and logjam dismantling

Recipient: Restigouche River Watershed Management Council Inc.
Approved Amount: $5 000
Year Approved: 2023

With aerial flyover and computerized tools, dams were localized on the Patapédia, Upsalquitch and Kedgwick sections of Restigouche River.

Field teams will be deployed to open the habitat a few days before reproduction. Some activities of targeted traps will help reduce the beaver population on some tributaries. A report will be drafted to summarize the year results in terms of habitat opening and program success. The results of electro-fishing for the increase of the juvenile salmon population of previous years will be included in the report.

Logjams will be removed on some water streams to facilitate salmon movements (the first year, the Grog and the Jardine will be targeted).

Project Contact: Jean-Daniel Savard –