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Removal of obstructions to spawning Salmonids throughout the river system

Recipient: Salmonid Preservation Association for the Waters of Newfoundland
Approved Amount: $17,240
Year Approved: 2016

Hughes brook is subject to large and frequent fluctuations in its water levels due to the size of the stream. These fluctuations occur on a regular basis throughout the summer months after heavy rain falls and during the spring melt. Large amounts of debris often accumulate impeding the progress of spawning salmonids. These impediments are often exasperated by an unusually large population of beavers throughout the river. Several problem dams prevent the fish from migration upstream making them easy prey for predators and poachers alike. This project involves the removal of these dams and other natural blockages by the use of an excavator where possible and manned labour throughout the entire river system. Overhanging alders cause debris to build up – these will be cleared away.

Contact: Marc Wilson or Mike Rumboldt, 709-634-3012,