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Rehabilitation and protection of the spawning bed of Fosse de L`île (fosse 11)

Recipient: Association des pêcheurs sportifs de saumons de la rivière Rimouski
Approved Amount: $9,000
Year Approved: 2017

The spawning ground of the island pool is located in the town of Rimouski. It is placed on a threshold and characterized by meanders and an island with cobble stones accumulation the bank and on the threshold. In the 90’s, the exceptional qualities of this spawning ground remained unaltered, and underwent no significant change. During the exceptional floods of 2007 and 2008 and subsequent floods, the generated erosive force of the currents greatly altered the site. Extreme floods periods carry a lot of sediments, because stronger water flows have a high erosive force and a very high transportation energy. Since 2007, part of the western bank of the island, and accumulated spawning substrates on the threshold bed were eroded and transported downstream. Restoration of this habitat requires rebuilding the island banks and depositing cobble stones at the threshold level and the spawning area. Original dimensions of the island and of the spawning area must be preserved. The objective of this project is to proceed with a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis to assess the situation and to develop a plan for rebuilding the island banks and depositing cobble stones.

Contact: René Gagnon, 418-722-6453,