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Reducing sedimentation through riverbank restoration on the Nashwaak River

Recipient: Nashwaak Watershed Association
Approved Amount: $11,000
Year Approved: 2019

NWAI’s 2004 Water Classification project and 2016 geomorphic survey noted that eroding riverbanks were a major source of water quality and salmon habitat degradation through sedimentation. An eroding bank at Nashwaak Valley Farm was noted as a significant source of sediment. The landowner is cooperative and well-respected within the community. He is interested in restoring the bank and eventually turning the property into an ecotourism destination. Therefore, the NWAI will lead a bio-engineered bank stabilization and re-vegetation project at Nashwaak Valley Farm. The process will involve re-sloping the bank, installing geotextile, and re-establishing riparian vegetation along a 40 m section. Restoration of this site will reduce sediment loading to the Nashwaak River and improve water quality and habitat for native salmonids. This project will continue to build the capacity of NWAI to restore larger riverbanks and share this information with other watershed groups interested in bioengineering restoration through the development of a Toolkit.

Contact: Marieka Chaplin, 506-261-4664,