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Reducing harmful debris in freshwater systems throughout Long Range Mountains region, Newfoundland

Recipient: Humber Arm Environmental Association Inc.
Approved Amount: $30,755
Year Approved: 2022

Through this project ACAP Humber Arm will collect baseline data on types and quantities of debris adversely affecting freshwater systems throughout the Long Range Mountains regions, while simultaneously improving Atlantic salmon habitat through the removal of these pollutants. This project will establish 20 locations on fish bearing waterways from Burgeo on the southwest coast to Hare Bay on the northern tip of the Northern Peninsula. These locations will be selected based on their ecological significance as well as areas with high anthropogenic traffic (i.e., fishing, swimming boating, neighbouring developments, known illegal dumping). Each site will be visited, cleaned, and all collected debris inventoried.
Data collected will be shared with neighbouring municipalities, NGOs, and publicly through social media. Such data is valuable for public awareness, and crucial to inform future targeted diversion programs.


Sheldon Peddle

709 637 4222