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Rattling Brook Salmon Restoration Project

Recipient: Norris Arm and Area Economic Development Committee
Approved Amount: $35,000
Year Approved: 2011

This year’s activities revolved around organizing the first year of a 5 year program that included: obtaining and reporting on a transfer license from DFO, negotiating with two helicopter companies and selecting the one that would give us the best deal for air-lifting the Salmon from the Great Rattling Brook capture site to the release sites, building, installing, running and removing the trap in the Fish way; capturing and releasing 400 Atlantic salmon into the Rattling Brook watershed with two release sites being Dowd Pond and Frozen Ocean. The activities associated with this transfer involved 4 personnel from DFO, 4 from ERMA, 3 from the Committee, 4 volunteers and the pilot.   The transfer program was undertaken over a five day period after 6 false starts due to high water levels and bad weather.   We also applied to have the river reclassification process started as the Rattling Brook watershed rivers/tributaries will have to become sheduled rivers.

Fish capture site.img_2961-2

Fish release site.


Photos of fish transfer.

img_4002 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA img_3970

Fish tagging surgery.