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Protecting salmon in Causapscal River: banks stabilization, fosse Les Marais

Recipient: Corporation de Gestion des Rivières Matapédia et Patapédia Inc.
Approved Amount: $24,000
Year Approved: 2018

This salmon protection habitat is at risk. The left bank (northeast) of the pool is eroding. The situation is critical. Erosion creates escapement corridors. Their size increases at an alarming rate. In the spring of 2017, there was an excessive sediment deposit on the opposite bank (± m of boulders). That carries the current towards the left bank and accelerates its erosion. At that rate, erosion will widen the escapement corridors and the complete flow will be diverted. Then it will be a loss of habitat, which is essential for salmon protection. In 2017, with volontary compensation of the national railway company of Canada, 40 meters of the bank were stabilized. This measure was taken to stop erosion which threatened to carry the crash barrier upstream. In 2018, the CGRMP will stabilize 65 additional meters and will curb erosion of the escapement corridors no 1 and 2.
Contact: Michelle Lévesque, 418-756-6174,