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Protecting and restoring MacPherson Brook, an important cold-water tributary to the Nashwaak River.

Recipient: Nashwaak Watershed Association
Approved Amount: $10,500
Year Approved: 2017

MacPherson Brook, a cold-water stream in the community of Giants Glen, was identified during a 2016 geomorphic assessment and in the 2017-2020 Action Plan as an important source of cold water that should be protected and restored. The mouth of the brook is eroding and releasing sediment into the Nashwaak River, degrading water quality and aquatic habitat.  This project will focus on bank stabilization and re-vegetation at the mouth of MacPherson Brook. The restoration activities will involve stabilizing the eroding bank and re-establishing native riparian vegetation. Restoration of this site will reduce sediment loading and enhance a cold-water source to the Nashwaak River – safeguarding the thermal diversity of the watershed and improving water quality and aquatic habitat for native salmonids. This project will also serve to build the capacity of the organization to restore additional, larger riverbanks in the future.

Contact: Marieka Chaplin, 506-261-4664,