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Fishway Refurbishing and improvement on Godbout River Project

Recipient: Organisme de bassins versants Manicouagan
Approved Amount: $7,500
Year Approved: 2017

Molson Fall can be a barrier for salmon run. MFFP installed a fishway in 1985. A catchment cage is used to collect information on the run. It is imperative to repair the walls. Some security barriers are damaged and can cause injury to salmon. The flow in the fishway is controlled by adding or removing wooden beams. Removal of the beams is possible only when the flow is above 50 m3/s. The fishway is often only open in early July, therefore salmons reach upriver sites only in mid-July. Salmons accumulate at the foot of Molson Fall and are exposed to poaching. The following corrective measures will be taken at the fishway: installing a control gate, repairing the walls, building a cage and a secure working area, and adding a winter protection structure to protect the catchment cage which will be moved in the fishway.

Contact: Normand Bissonnette, 418-298-0742, extension 227,