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Overview of seal distribution in salmon rivers of the North Shore and impact study of their predatory activity on Atlantic salmon

Recipient: Fédération Québécoise pour le Saumon Atlantique
Approved Amount: $8,000
Year Approved: 2018

One concern expressed in the special report on Atlantic salmon in Eastern Canada of the Advisory Committee of Atlantic salmon is predation by seals whose populations have increased enormously.

Fishermen and managers mention having observed seals feeding at the mouth of salmon rivers on the North Shore and in their pools. This problem is not well documented. Since the seal issue is a government responsibility, FQSA contacted MFFP who cooperates with MPO, to make them aware of the issue. The department agrees to support our effort: draw a picture of the problem.
The project involves:
– Analysis of the situation with documentation research
– Development of a monitoring register for instream observatins

Collected information will serve as a basis for the development of projects conducted by the Research chair of MFFP on seals.
Contact: Rosemarie Gagnon-Poiré, 418-847-9191 poste 3,