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Population Recovery, Monitoring and Stewardship – Kouchibouguac and Kouchibouguacis Watersheds

Recipient: Friends of the Kouchibouguacis (FTK)
Approved Amount: $14,000
Year Approved: 2021

The Friends of the Kouchibouguacis (TFK) have been performing various wild Atlantic salmon restoration initiatives since the year 2000. This past season, TFK’s efforts have resulted in the highest Atlantic salmon adult and juvenile numbers seen in nearly 20 years.

This project contains numerous components that will greatly benefit the wild Atlantic salmon populations within the Kouchibouguac and Kouchibouguacis watersheds. Different sampling and monitoring initiatives will be utilized to collect information on the Atlantic salmon populations, including: habitat availability/quality; migration; genotyping; age; eDNA sampling for detecting presently undiscovered populations; and monitoring/data collection of various environmental parameters. Our in-stream incubation program improves salmonid hatch rates; while also allowing for full life-cycle development in their natural habitat to occur and eliminating captivity requirements. Restoration work will improve habitat quality and fish passage. Additionally, an updated Atlantic salmon conservation plan will be developed. Different means will be applied towards educational and outreach efforts.

Contact:  Mike Rushton,