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Plan for the conservation of Atlantic salmon and the enhancement of recreational fishing on Nouvelle River

Recipient: Société de Restauration et de Gestion de la Nouvelle
Approved Amount: $11,000
Year Approved: 2022

The development of an Atlantic salmon conservation plan of Nouvelle River will help compile and analyze all studies, documents and articles on this river to draw a picture of the state of the salmon population and its habitat. This analysis will identify the problems, the shortages and the issues specific to the river. The conservation plan is a short- and medium-term decision-making tool for our organization. An order of priority will be attributed to actions to be taken. This project is essential to provide management with guidance and sustainable land development tools.

The conservation plan will be shared on paper and on the web with different local partners and all our data will be shared with the Conseil de l’Eau Gaspésie Sud, which is currently updating the PDE of Pabos rivers. We will therefore cooperate for the acquisition of field knowledge on the river and its salmon populations.


Louis Laflamme

418 794 2120