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Atlantic Salmon Conservation Plan for the Saint-Jean-Saguenay River

Recipient: Corporation de gestion de la rivière St-Jean Saguenay
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2017

Development of an Atlantic salmon conservation plan for Saint-Jean-Saguenay River will help compile and analyze all studies, documents and notes on this river to draw an exact and complete picture of the salmon population and its habitat. Such an analysis will point out problems, gaps that need to be filled and specific issues concerning the river. We need this project to develop directions and objectives for projects completion, but also to develop tools for sustainable development of the territory. A serious data and knowledge gap is noticeable, which is why the plan is necessary to help us move forward and acquire that knowledge, and take more effective actions.

Also, climate change can cause major warming periods in the river and they will be analyzed in this plan to help us adapt. The plan will then be shared in a paper format and on the Web with different partners of the community.

Contact: Laurence Gaudreault, 418-272-2199,