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Action plan for Atlantic salmon conservation in Godbout river

Recipient: Organisme de Bassins Versants Manicougan
Approved Amount: $14,000
Year Approved: 2018

Action plan in 3 parts:
V1: Atlantic salmon conservation and enhancement plan on Godbout River
The objective is to draw an exact and complete picture of previous (archives and documents) and present status of salmon population and its habitat. Based on an issue and recommendation structure, this document is necessary to establish directions and objectives for projects completion, but also sustainable development tools for the territory.
V2 : Modelling salmon runs
Reliable annual salmon population assessment by analyzing salmon run data to the selective fishway and comparing them to MFFP data (count fence 1996-2014) and hydraulic conditions of the river (flow and temperature).
V3 : Spawning grounds characterization
Redd count in the fall of 2018 to estimate the number of spawners.
Contact: Normand Bissonnette, 418-298-0742, extension 227,