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PEI Genetically Distinct Salmon Population Evaluation, Habitat Assessment, Rehabilitation and Conservation

Recipient: Abegweit Conservation Society
Approved Amount: $29,000
Year Approved: 2017

In 2016 a pilot project revealed never before recorded information about the smolt exodus of a genetically unique Atlantic salmon population in North Lake Creek. This project will continue to investigate and record life history values for the population. Project objectives include: installation of fish traps & weir to monitor movements of exiting (includes implantation & tracking of 40 acoustic tags) and returning Atlantic salmon in North Lake Creek and Cross River. Electrofishing to complete the collection of genetic material from salmon across the Island in an effort to quantify the extent of the unique genetic cluster, habitat monitoring & assessment, plus habitat rehabilitation are included as important objectives for the project.

Contact: Roger Sark, 902-676-2353,