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North East Mabou Habitat Restoration. Year 3 of 3 year commitment

Recipient: Inverness South Anglers Committee (ISAC)
Approved Amount: $7,700
Year Approved: 2013

This project is working to address the absence of Atlantic salmon in an area once thriving with salmon. Numerous debris blockages and dams have been cleared and allowed to flush the accumulated silt and sedimentation.  Six structures (primarily diggers logs) were installed during the 2012 season in the main river, and additional debris jams were cleared upstream in the tributaries.  Upon surveying the main North East River in early December, there were evidence of a few redds, evidence that there were some returning salmon to the newly created spawning habitat. In 2013, we intend to install structures (digger logs and deflectors) in the tributaries, and continue to focus on the re-population of this waterway.

Contact: David Cameron, 902-945-2356, 902 258-5998 (cell),