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North Branch of Caruther’s Brook Restoration

Recipient: Trout Unlimited Prince County Chapter
Approved Amount: $17,000
Year Approved: 2015

TUCPCC is proposing to concentrate its work for the 2015 field season on the North Branch of Caruther’s Brook in the Mill River watershed. This branch has become alder choked and impounded with beaver dams. TUCPCC has trapped the area in the past but the dams remain and need to be removed to allow for fish passage through to the head waters of this branch. We plan to carry out selective debris removal and use this material as well as alders removed from the stream to construct brush mats. These brush mats will collect and contain sediment improving sub straight and improving spawning opportunities. The old beaver dams will be removed to allow for fish passage throughout this branch. Red surveys will be carried out to see if salmon are accessing the newly opened territory.

Contact: Dale Cameron, 902-856-2598,