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Newfoundland Stewardship: Now and for Present Generations, all of NFLD

Recipient: Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland
Approved Amount: $22,500
Year Approved: 2008

The project will encourage and facilitate the formation and support of river stewardship groups. SAEN will advertise and organize meetings in communities that are located near salmon rivers and actively promote the benefits of local stewardship. It will research the mandates and activities of existing successful stewardship groups, prepare a presentation and leave behind materials and follow up by providing additional requested materials and supports in each case. The meetings will focus on the benefits that stewardship can bring to communities that are adjacent to the more than 200 salmon rivers in the Province. Where such groups have been established thus far noticeable increases in the size of annual salmon runs has been experienced. Poaching levels drop in response to increased community level vigilance and social pressures and general river health and habitat issues gain higher levels of consideration and action. Rivers with healthy salmon populations are valuable. Atlantic salmon rivers throughout the circum-North Atlantic region are commonly important drivers of tourism related economic activity. In some cases in Quebec, New Brunswick, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Norway and Russia local rivers are the major base of community employment and economy. Recreational opportunities for communities near healthy salmon rivers are also enhanced and valuable.