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Nepisiguit Salmon Enhancement and Assessment 2021

Recipient: Nepisiguit Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $12,000
Year Approved: 2021

The 2021 project will include the processing of approximately 80,000 eyed salmon eggs from the Charlo SEC hatchery using streamside incubation boxes. The resulting swim up fry will be stocked in the Nepisiguit and tributaries. Electrofishing will be conducted in the Nepisiguit and local rivers in the Chaleur region.

NSA will continue to inventory obstructions to fish passage, breach beaver dams and trap beaver in problem areas. Data will be collected with regards to water temperature and quality. With the use of a drone it is hoped that we can calculate spawning escapement for the Nepisiguit, survey buffers along the river and monitor the river for sedimentation.

Contact:  Wayne Clowater,