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Nepisiguit salmon assessment & enhancement

Recipient: Nepisiguit Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $12,000
Year Approved: 2018

The 2018 project is planned to commence with the processing of approximately 125,000 plus eyed salmon eggs from the Charlo SEC using streamside incubation boxes set up by NSA volunteers, DERD staff, and NB Power personnel at the Nepisquit Falls hydro facility. The boxes will be filled in early May and will be monitored by NSA and PFN personnel through to swim up fry. In June the fry will be stocked into the Nepisiquit by NSA volunteers and DNR and in Little River by PFN personnel. This helps both to mitigate against losses to avian predators and help maintain a high percentage of MSW salmon in returns. Future assessment of returns will evaluate this.
Data and observations from 2017 indicate that there are little or no fry in Gordon Meadow Brook and Pabineau Brook. These two tributaries are key nursery areas for young salmon and for spawning adults and part of the total spawning escapement for the Nepisiguit. Stocking of fry will also be done in these two watercourses. NSA will endeavour to inventory both Gordon Meadow Brook and Pabineau Brook for blockages. NSA staff will remove/or breach dams in October to allow fish passage. All necessary permits will be obtained from DELG.

The balance of the summer will be spent conducting electrofishing surveys of designated watercourses to build up an ongoing picture of the relationship between juveniles and returning adults, also to check on previous spawning.
Water quality [primarily temperature and pH], predator and environmental/habitat surveys will be carried out. Any minor obstructions to water flow will be removed as encountered and garbage is picked up in same manner. Data collection/compilation will be carried out in September and if water conditions allow [level and visibility]; spawning surveys will be carried out in late October or early November.
Contact: Wayne Clowater, 506-547-1884,