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Municipal leadership in Atlantic salmon habitat securement and enhancement

Recipient: Stewardship Association of Municipalities
Approved Amount: $40,000
Year Approved: 2020

SAM will engage NL municipal councils and residents in the conservation of Atlantic salmon and their habitat where found within municipal planning boundaries. SAM will conduct a GIS analysis to detect important salmon habitat found within municipal planning boundaries and seek to find connectivity within important watersheds. A prioritization exercise will be conducted, and mapping results shared with NL EHJV partners and NL municipalities. Second, SAM will seek to protect from future development at least 1000 acres of priority riparian habitat by facilitating the signing of formal conservation agreements between municipal councils and the province. Finally, SAM will work with municipalities with existing conservation agreements impacting salmon habitat to incorporate appropriate salmon habitat management concepts within individual Habitat Conservation Plans. SAM will seek to hold at least 5 educational outreach efforts with councils and residents of those towns to bring to their attention their role in protecting Atlantic salmon.

Contact: Jonathan Sharpe, 709 637 2013,