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Mull River Restoration Project

Recipient: Inverness South Anglers Association
Approved Amount: $20,500
Year Approved: 2023

For the 2023 season ISAA plans to continue the stream habitat restoration project on the Mull River. The project is taking place in the Mabou Harbour Watershed and will be in the headwaters of the Mull which is approximately 21.22 square kilometers in size.

With the request of $25,000 in funding, ISAA could restore an approximate area 6,250 square meters of stream habitat. The techniques that will be used would include the installation of digger logs, deflectors, rock sills, and hand rocking banks for stabilization. The amount of structures is determined on the design width of the stream.

All structures will work together to create pooling refuge for fish, and control sediment deposits which will create gravel bars and meandering patterns. The structures will also contribute to decreasing any bank erosion. Most importantly, the structures will create habitat for spawning, rearing and adult fish. This project will specifically benefit Atlantic salmon, speckled trout, brown trout and rainbow trout.

Project Contact:

David Cameron