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Mull River habitat restoration

Recipient: Inverness South Anglers Association
Approved Amount: $22,000
Year Approved: 2022

In 2022, The Inverness South Anglers Association will begin a new stream habitat restoration project on the Mull River, located in the Mabou Harbour Watershed. The Mull River Watershed is broken up into four main sections – beginning in the headwaters and ending in the lower section. ISAA plans to begin restoration work in the headwaters, which is approximately 21.22 square kilometers in size. ISAA plans to restore an approximate area of 5,500 square kilometres of stream habitat resulting in 14 structures installed. The restoration techniques that will be used include the installation of digger logs, deflectors, rock sills, and hand rocking stream banks for stabilization. The results we expect to see from installing those structures include a defined meandering pattern with deep pools; controlled sediment deposits; stabilized banks and decreased bank erosion, while also enhancing migratory access for fish throughout the watershed. All structures will work towards creating habitat for spawning, rearing and adult fish; specifically targeting and benefitting the salmonid family.

Contact Person:

David Cameron

902 945 2356