Modelling potential production of Quebec salmon rivers with high resolution imaging.

Recipient: National Institute of Scientific Research
Approved Amount: $30,000 in 2017 (2nd year of 2 year project; total : $60,000)

The objective of this project is to develop a salmon Habitat Quality Index (HQI) based on the classification of hydromorphological facies developed in 2015 from MFFP recent aerial photos. The approach is based on 1) large scale modelling and mapping bathymetry and flow velocity on model salmon river in Quebec, and 2) transferring preference curves of the micro-habitat scale to the hydromorphological facies on these rivers. Also, the calculation method of the area of production will be reviewed to consider connectivity between habitats used by salmon during successive life stages (pool, spawning site, feeding habitat, parr), this being based on the distance between habitats and potential impassable barriers. Ultimately, the method will become a useful management tool for all Quebec rivers.
Contact: Normand Bergeron, 418-654-3703,