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Moccasin Pond Brook enhancement project.

Recipient: Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation
Approved Amount: $19,958
Year Approved: 2015

The Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation (IBEC) stream restoration project will use in-stream structures to minimize a barrier, control velocity and promote pool-riffle creations along 600m of Northwest Brook within the Indian Bay Watershed Management Area (watershed). IBEC’s team of project staff will work with board members and other community volunteers to minimize barriers such as the culvert(s), install velocity controlling measures and install in-stream structures to create pool and riffle development, which will improve fish migration.

Stream enhancements will control the velocity of water flowing through culverts that are currently a deterrent for fish passage, as well as deepen the stream bed where needed. These efforts will serve to restore the watershed back to a state which will allow salmon and trout to migrate more freely, and provide a greater area of suitable spawning grounds.

Contact: Elizabeth White, 709-522-3222,