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Mitigating climate change impacts on Atlantic salmon on the Cheticamp River; Farm Brook habitat restoration and sub-watershed plan development

Recipient: Cheticamp River Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $13,000
Year Approved: 2021
  1. The CRSA will partner with Parks Canada to undertake activities to help mitigate climate change impacts – elevated water temperatures in combination with low flows – that threaten to negatively impact Atlantic salmon on the Cheticamp River. Specifically, rock structures will be installed to restore passage at a site that has become a critical thermal and physical barrier during these conditions.
  2. The CRSA will continue its water temperature investigation, partnering with Dalhousie University to quantify cool-water inputs identified in 2020, collect additional thermal imagery, and prioritize sites for implementing coldwater conservation/enhancement measures.
  3. The CRSA also plans to complete the bank stabilization and riparian restoration work on Farm Brook recommended as part of the CRSA’s 2020 berm restoration project. Recognizing the importance of Farm Brook as a watercourse that supports a small run of wild Atlantic salmon, the CRSA will also develop a subwatershed habitat restoration plan to guide future conservation activities.

Contact:  René Aucoin,