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Miramichi Lake Smallmouth Bass Monitoring and Containment

Recipient: Miramichi Watershed Management Committee
Approved Amount: $34,000
Year Approved: 2010

DFO has found that the smallmouth bass poses a moderate risk in the Southwest Miramichi River and a high risk in the lake Environment.  In 2009 they installed two barriers and a rotary screw trap to contain bass to the lake and monitor for any smallmouth bass that made it through these barriers. Also completed was an electrofishing survey of Lake Brook to assess distribution of bass and remove any caught. Use of fyke nets and gill netting to capture and remove bass from the lake was also completed. In total 64 smallmouth bass have been found in Miramichi Lake in 2009 ranging in age from 0 to 4 years. 2010 plans are to continue to eradicate the smallmouth bass by removing as many as possible to reduce the recruitment of juveniles.