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Midgell River Conservation for Atlantic salmon Project

The focus of the project is to address the threats to habitat connectivity and warming water temperatures. A number of recommendations listed in the Renewed Conservation Strategy for Atlantic salmon on PEI will be implemented, in particular those recommendations specific to the Midgell River. Project activities in 2021 will be to revise the existing beaver management plan, complete the Pius MacDonald Impoundment Management Plan and continue to monitor and manage barriers for returning adult salmon, prey cover species, and spring exiting kelts/smolts. Three structures will be installed to adjust flow in the channel affecting water depths in another 600 meters of the river above the head of tide and creating pool areas. Water temperature monitoring will continue in 2021 as will the PIT tagging and tracking of salmon to build on the data base of habitat and movement data for better understanding of salmon-environment interactions.

Contact:  Rebecca Hersom-Petersen,